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Oct 2

The Sales Pipeline Questions Your SVP Wishes You Would Ask

We all have our insider language and acronyms. Marketers will talk endlessly about things like SEO, UX, CTR, CPA, KPI and more. Sales counters with the need for BANT, PPVVC, GPCT, ABC and my personal favorite…

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Sep 24

Clients Need Nurturing Too: 7 Marketing Ideas for Client Development

In the ongoing push to attract new prospects, generate leads and nurture leads into new business, firms can fail to exert the proper amount of focus, time and effort on…

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Sep 18

Customer Analytics: Putting the “Me” In Marketing

The way consumers are researching and buying products has shifted significantly in recently years. Consumers have taken control of their purchase process. With websites, blogs, Facebook updates, online reviews and…

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Sep 4

A Better Promotional Strategy in 5 Steps

The temptation for anyone working on a promotional strategy for a new product or sales campaign is to shortcut the important planning and strategy steps and jump to tactics. It…

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Aug 21

Boost Online B2B Lead Conversions Using Retargeting

Only about 2% of first time visitors to a company’s website are ready to make a purchase. The B2B sales cycle can be quite long, so leveraging retargeting technology can be a…

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Aug 19

The Energy That Fuels Innovation

I recently re-read an excellent post by Jeanne Bliss, The Power of Suspending Cynicism in Business, and it served as a reminder of the importance of energy and energizers in both…

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