Want to take your AMA membership—and your career—to the next level? Get involved as an AMA Richmond volunteer! Engaged volunteers get much more value from their AMA memberships—more connections, more opportunities to learn and more chances to grow. In fact, volunteering is such a valuable experience, we reserve the privilege of volunteering for members only! AMA Richmond volunteers are just like you: busy people trying to juggle busy schedules. We volunteer our time based on our own interests and schedules. Our success and growth is the result of the efforts of many volunteers—join us and you, too, can make a difference!

AMA Richmond is always in need of volunteers at all levels to help us continue to achieve our Vision to be “the” place for marketing professionals to connect for networking and professional development. Check out our list of current volunteer opportunities, and let us know where you can contribute.

As an AMA Richmond volunteer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get more—and more meaningful—networking opportunities with marketing professionals in the Richmond region, and beyond.
  • Build existing skills or develop new skills in marketing, communications, event management, leadership and organizational development.
  • Enhance the Richmond-area marketing community by lending your time and expertise to strengthen one of the region’s premier marketing organizations.
  • Join the vibrant, dynamic, professional group of volunteers who are leading AMA Richmond to new levels every day!

Contact Aylin Berkowitz, Director of Volunteers, for more information.


Leadership Committee

CEA Project Management Volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer to work with our Secretary to help coordinate our annual Chapter Excellence Awards (CEA) entry. Throughout the year, this person ensures that we are tracking the right information. As it gets closer to submission date, this volunteer helps to keep track of the submission timeline and coordinates with our various committees to submit details and data for the submission document.

Programming Committee

Volunteer Team Leader

This person will help direct and coordinate event volunteers, as needed. (Commitment is approximately 45 minutes. Arrive at 11:15.)

Event Ambassador

This person(s) helps to coordinate the flow of traffic and answer questions (Commitment is approximately 30 minutes. Arrive at 11:30.)

In Your Seat Programs

This person places programs in each set in the dining room. (Commitment is approximately 15 minutes. Arrive at 11:30.)




These people ensure that the pop up banner, backdrop, and podium signage are setup and clearly visible. Requires 2 people. (Commitment is approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Arrive at 11:15.)

Wallflower Friends

This person(s) identifies anyone looking lost and helps them get acclimated to the event. Requires a willingness to talk to strangers. (Commitment is approximately 30 minutes. Arrive at 11:30.)

Speaker Recruitment

This person will help identify speaker needs and topics, reach out to possible speakers and coordinate commitments for the 2016/17 season.


Programming/Social Events

Greeters & Registration

This person(s) will greet members and guests, hand out nametags, ensure that all guests sign in.


This person(s) will help with location scouting, negotiation of discounted or free services (appetizers, for example, or happy hour drinks prices even if it’s not happy hour)


This person will draft email announcements for event promotion, as needed.

Membership Committee

Volunteers in Charge of First Impressions

The membership committee is looking for some outgoing members who would like to help out as Greeters. The Greeters will attend monthly luncheons and other events, and help out at the membership information table before and after the luncheon. They will greet members and guests and answer any questions they may have.

  • Time Commitment: About 1-2 hours per month
  • Need: About 2 greeters per luncheon event


Group Membership Volunteer

Collaborate with our Director of Group Membership to ensure our group members are happy and have everything they need readily available. Help us brainstorm ideas for adding value to group members and keeping them engaged in chapter activities.


Volunteer Engagement & Appreciation Volunteer

Collaborate with our Director of Volunteers to ensure volunteers are engaged by responding to volunteer inquiries and matching them with available openings. Ensure placements are successful, and periodically check in with board members and volunteers. Help brainstorm additional ideas for volunteer appreciation and engagement.


AMA 101 Volunteer

AMA 101 is a relatively new event that we launched to help new members get a better idea of how they can get the most out of their AMA membership. Help us organize these events by planning logistics, registrations, follow-ups, and event-related announcements with the communications team. This could also include coordinating lists of new members and ensuring board touchpoints as a warm introduction to the chapter (through phone calls and/or emails).


Volunteer Promoting Smiles & Relationships

The membership committee is looking for some outgoing members who would like to get involved as Membership Volunteers. The Membership volunteer assists the membership committee by participating in membership retention campaigns. This involves communicating with new and existing members, sending out thank you cards, welcoming new members, as well as calling and following up with new and/or existing members.


Volunteer In Charge of Name Badges

AMA recently rebranded with a unified, clean new look (#OneAMA) and we are in the process of updating name badges for our entire RVA membership over with the next few months. We are looking for a volunteer to help manage this process. This role would entail collaborating with our communications team, as well as vendors to obtain updated member information and coordinate the monthly orders and distribution.

Communications Committee

In Your Seat Program Design Volunteer

We are looking for a member who can help us manage and update the In Your Seat Programs for our monthly Signature Speaker Luncheons. This volunteer will be working with our VP of Communications and will need access to Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Time commitment is 1-2 hours per month.

PR Volunteer

Our PR Team is looking for a volunteer to assist with PR research and writing. This person will be responsible for media relations research including finding relevant sources (e.g. magazines, blogs, other opportunities to submit content) and contact information (journalist/editor email addresses). There’s also opportunity to assist with drafting media outreach (email pitches) to journalists, editors and/or creating media materials (press releases). Additional responsibilities include submitting a list of AMA Richmond events to various media calendars (bi-weekly/monthly basis). Time commitment: Will vary but no more than 5-10 hours/month.