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What People Are Saying

“Being a part of AMA VCU Chapter was an influential part of my college experience that helped pave the path for where I am today. During this time, I received the Robert R. Barber Endowment Fund for Scholarship and Training first place award, which helped cover a large part my fall semester courses. Additionally, I was able to build a network of trusted community partners which opened doors for internships. Today, I work for a university hospital and I am an active member of this thriving organization. I enjoy giving back to the chapter that gave me a head start in the competitive landscape.”

— Pauline Singleton Marketing Communications Specialist, VCU Health
Dave Birckhead

“Marketing is going through the most significant, technology-fueled transformation in its history. The pace of change creates plenty of opportunity but also plenty of challenge. That’s why I think the AMA plays such an increasingly important role today. Since I joined the AMA, I’ve made great friends and created new business relationships–both in Richmond and beyond. I consider it an essential for professional growth and community involvement.”

— Dave Birckhead Global Director, Marketing Technology at Spotify
Kelly Wilkes

“I was looking for quality marketing jobs after an unexpected lay-off and had tried all the usual outlets and an AMA member suggested I check the local chapter’s website. I did and it was the only place that Chesterfield Towne Center had posted their job listing. Later on, after landing the job the mall manager said she wanted to narrow the scope of applicants to top marketing individuals in the market by utilizing the AMA site exclusively. It worked and she received quality contenders for the position.”

— Kelly Wilkes Business Development Manager at Virginia Lottery

“The caliber of talent and networking opportunities at the AMA really presents some of the best of all the groups I attend. They treat their sponsors well, offering exposure as well as perks that make the sponsorship an unbeatable value. It’s so nice to have a group of peers that ‘get’ marketing and at every meeting I learn something new from marquee speakers. The special groups and dialogue opportunities are always lead by experts on new topics, educating you to all sorts of marketing opportunities you never knew existed. Marketing has changed a lot and the AMA is a “must-join” if you want to really keep up. ”

— Anne Moss Rogers Creative Director & Marketing Consultant at Impression Marketing
Peter Larson

“As a vendor, I’ve found AMA Richmond membership valuable for my business development efforts. I’ve been able to connect in a B2B environment with many marketing professionals. Sharing a common goal of brand integrity and innovative ideas enhances the vendor experience with AMA Richmond. ”

Peter Larson Senior Business Improvement Specialist at Cobb Technologies
Brendan Kennedy

“Marketing is always changing, and more than ever with the growth of new digital options. For me AMA Richmond gives me an opportunity to learn about what other people are doing with these new technologies, and what is actually working for my peers. This has helped to give me a much more well rounded vision of the marketing landscape so I don’t only see the solutions that my company can provide, but all of the options so I can make the right recommendations. AMA Richmond helps keep me up to speed.”

— Brendan Kennedy Account Executive at MNI