Learn, connect, serve and grow with AMA Richmond. The 2020-2021 AMA Richmond Mentorship Program pairs established marketing experts with future marketing leaders to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Please note that in order to maximize program value space is limited.

Mentorship kickoff at Tang and Biscuit

Here’s what a few of the 19-20 Mentorship participants had to say!

“The Mentorship Program is a unique aspect of Richmond’s burgeoning marketing professional community; it creates unique connections that offers meaningful benefits to both mentees and mentors!”

“I feel that we have already exceeded the objectives of the mentorship program above and beyond my wildest dreams. It’s been a wonderful journey of self-discovery and I could not wish for anything more. I’m truly grateful for everything.”


Become a Mentor

Give back while staying current in the ever-changing world of marketing. The power of a mentee who can provide a different perspective and ask different questions is key. New talent is being added to the industry every day, why not make one of them your mentee?

Mentors must have minimum 5 years of industry experience and must be AMA Richmond members.

Mentors do not pay a fee.

Apply today to become a Mentor by submitting an Application and Commitment Agreement

“It was a powerful experience to create a safe space for my mentee to ask questions she didn’t feel comfortable asking of others as we all navigate COVID-19, racial injustice and so much more within the advertising/marketing landscape and the world as a whole.” – 2019-2020 mentor

Become a Mentee

Learn from someone who’s been there and done that in your field. Partner with a seasoned mentor who can help cultivate your skills one-on-one. Gain real-world experience and understanding of various marketing specializations, career paths, and skills from your mentor and in group settings.

Mentees must have minimum one year of industry experience.

AMA Richmond Member Fee – $50
Non-Member Fee – $120

Apply today to become a mentee by submitting an Application and Commitment Agreement

“The AMA Mentorship Program connected me with an exceptional well-matched mentor and gave me a support network for growing my career. I’ve learned so much with this invaluable experience and can’t wait to pay it backward in the future.” – 2019-2020 mentee


Program Structure:
The AMA Mentorship program not only recognizes the benefit of one-on-one mentorship relationships, but also group mentoring opportunities to allow for the sharing of ideas and knowledge across multiple backgrounds and experiences. The Mentorship Class of 2021 will be able to connect and learn from one another with multiple program features that include:

  • One-on-One Mentoring: There is one mentee to a mentor. Matching is conducted based on goals and interests mentioned in the application submitted.
  • Mentor Teams: 2 – 3 mentor pairs will be placed on a team and will have the opportunity to meet together throughout the program or “swap” pairs so mentees have the opportunity to learn from additional marketing leaders in the RVA community.
  • Discussion Based Event: During the program, a discussion event will be held for the full mentorship class to facilitate group conversation and learning.

With COVID-19 continuing to impact in-person events and your health and safety remaining a top priority, all events, discussions and meetings will remain virtual through 2020. Individual pairs will have the opportunity to arrange meetings in-person at their discretion.

Program duration: October 2020 – June 2021


  • Kickoff: An event will be held in October to celebrate mentor and mentee pairing via Zoom.
  • Mentorship Class Discussion: Event will be scheduled during the program for all participants.
  • Graduation: A graduation event will be held at the end of the program to celebrate the Mentorship Class of 2021.

In addition, pairs are encouraged to enjoy a variety of AMA Richmond events, including luncheons, Teach Me Hows, Special Interest Groups, Next Hours and more.

Expectations Overview:

  • Mentors and mentees must submit the following items to be considered for participation: Application and Commitment Agreement
  • Upon pairing, pairs must sign a meeting agreement. Pairs decide how frequently they want to meet and will hold each other accountable to the agreed upon standard, allowing for maximum flexibility. Pairs are encouraged to meet a minimum of once every two months. AMA Richmond can provide a Zoom meeting link if virtual meetings are preferred.
  • AMA Richmond program volunteers will check in throughout the year to provide support and resources.

Application Deadline: Sunday September 27, 2020


  • Learn and share ideas from industry experts and new talent
  • Focus on individual development while creating long lasting industry relationships
  • Further your engagement in the Richmond marketing community

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