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facebook reactions Mar 2

Digital Download: Facebook Reactions

Let’s Talk About: Facebook’s new “Reactions” functionality. Facebook recently released new “Reactions” to use when interacting with posts. Beyond just “liking” a post, you can now select “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,”…

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social media roi Nov 17

Social media ROI – the gain is real

Business owners can be shortsighted when it comes to social media. They sometimes think it is a waste of money, that’s it’s only for B2C business, and who has the…

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Jun 4

7 Social Media Marketing Pitfalls Your Business Should Avoid

Social media marketing has become a necessary and valuable marketing tool for businesses today. It’s one of the best ways to increase awareness and connect with an audience, but it…

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May 22

Is 2014 the year Google Plus becomes part of your social media package?

Google Plus is becoming a more important part of growing your business and making connections….even though you don’t feel like it is the trendy place to be. The question is…

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May 20

How Marketers are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses [REPORT]

Social Media Examiner released their 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report that surveyed over 2,800 marketers in order to understand how they are using social media to grow and promote…

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