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Aug 6

13 Costly Website Redesign Mistakes Your Company Should Avoid

A well-executed website redesign can have an amazing impact on a company’s online brand and bottom line. But redesigning a website takes a lot more time and energy than many…

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bark levy mobile website May 28

5 reasons to optimize your website for mobile

The latest news in web design is Google’s “Mobile-friendly” mandate: websites will be “mobile-ready” or lose search rank. In other words, websites must be readable, navigable, and useful on smartphones…

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Apr 28

15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design and Development Partner

Selecting the right web design partner for your firm’s website redesign can be a challenging task. While proposals play a role in the process, interviewing and asking the right questions…

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Jul 1

Comparing CMS Platforms for Creative Websites – WordPress vs. HubSpot

Turn back the clock a few years; choices were pretty lean for content management systems or CMS that would help the marketing team develop great creative websites they could manage…

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