As you’ve hopefully seen, we have launched a new event platform called Wild Apricot to better serve our local community and provide a more seamless experience. In order for our members and guests to take full advantage of this new feature, we highly encourage everyone to set up their online profiles. 

If you are a current member or have attended our events in the past, you received an email notification with these instructions and a personalized link to complete your registration.

We have spent a good amount of time strategizing and planning for this initiative. We are excited about leveraging this tool to help us deliver a more well-rounded event and membership experience on a local level. While this update provides many local benefits, we want to make clear that it does NOT replace your member account with AMA National. Any changes and updates to your existing membership will still need to be managed through If you are interested in joining, you can find more information on membership options here

Below is a list of general FAQs but feel free to reach out to with specific questions or concerns.


1. What is Wild Apricot?
Wild Apricot is a membership and events platform built for associations just like ours. It consists of several modules: membership management, event registration, online payments, emails, and more.

By bringing all these functions together in a single platform, we are able to create a consistent flow-through of information for behind-the-scenes management by our board and a more seamless experience for members and guests.

2. Do I need to create a Wild Apricot account?
Creating a Wild Apricot account is not required to register for specific events. However, we encourage AMA Richmond members to complete their profile to expedite their event registration process.

3. I didn’t receive an email to register for Wild Apricot but I’ve attended a past AMA Richmond event. How do I register my Wild Apricot account?

  • Go to Wild Apricot and log in to your profile with the email address you’ve used to register for AMA events
  • Create password
  • Complete account information and registration setup

4. I am not a member, but I’m signing up for my first AMA Richmond event. How can I create a Wild Apricot account?
After you enter your email address to register for the event, you will be prompted to create a Wild Apricot account.

5. I am an AMA Richmond member but the system isn’t showing me member pricing.
This could be because you are a new/recently renewed member, or the email address tied to your AMA membership has changed. Please contact us at and we will assist you.

6. I am not currently a member but am interested in signing up. How do I do that?
You will still sign up for AMA membership through AMA National’s “Join” page, during which time you will create an account and select Richmond as your home chapter.

AMA National sends our local chapter new member reports on an ongoing basis; once we receive the status change from them, we will update your membership in Wild Apricot. If you’ve recently joined AMA Richmond and your Wild Apricot account does not reflect your membership status, please reach out to us at

7. How will I pay for events moving forward?

You can pay for events online with a credit card. We’re still happy to offer free or reduced pricing to events for AMA Richmond members!

8. Is my payment information safe?
The Wild Apricot Security Team follows the standards of world class security practices and tries to apply them on all possible levels in Wild Apricot security. They update, develop or completely re-create security processes whenever they find any shortcomings. You can find more information on Wild Apricot’s security practices here.

9. Will I still be able to find/sign up for new AMA Richmond events on Eventbrite?
No. We are moving exclusively to Wild Apricot for our event management. You can find event details for AMA Richmond programming on our website and via our emails and social media channels.

10. What do I do if my information changes?

If your job or contact information changes, first update your profile with AMA National. You will log in to and click “My Account.” 

11. Will I renew my AMA membership through Wild Apricot?

No, your membership renewal process hasn’t changed. You will still renew by logging into and clicking “My Account”, then renew membership.

12. I have other questions that I don’t see answered here.

Please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help answer your question.