Congratulations to Jackie Niblock on being named the AMA Richmond January Volunteer of the Month!

Jackie Niblock has volunteered to lead the Digital AMA SIG for more than four years. Small Interest Groups offer continuing education for AMA members and Jackie has provided education on the ever-changing landscape of Digital Advertising. She addresses the novice and the senior marketers facilitating discussion and connections.

We’re excited to host Nandini Jammi in our upcoming Signature Speaker event. Check out what she’s been up to in her latest blog post, below!

Earlier this summer, I began my plan to rebrand myself as “The Product Messaging Pro.” Catchy, right? I found a niche that I was good at, that I liked and that clients trusted me with. It was interesting and challenging work. I was looking forward to launching this and picking up more projects.

My talented designer hooked me up with these cool business cards.

Then a few weeks ago, I decided to abandon the plan.

What happened?

For the past year, I’ve been juggling two professional identities: freelance copywriter and co-founder of Sleeping Giants.

Despite the massive success of Sleeping Giants, I resisted the idea of ever leaving copywriting. Though we’ve been running for nearly 3 years, I have believed, somewhat delusionally, that this whole thing will be over soon. Like…any day now.

In the meantime, the line between my activism and my “work-work” began blurring.

When I was invited to speak at TuringFest – the biggest tech festival in Europe – it wasn’t to talk about go-to-market messaging. It was to talk about Sleeping Giants.

When I was asked to be on Mind the Product podcast, it wasn’t to talk about product messaging. It was to discuss tech ethics and acceptable use policies.

When I finally did my first AMA for Tech Ladies, it wasn’t to talk about the challenges of freelancing in tech. It was to talk about how we built the Sleeping Giants community.

Over the past year, I have interviewed for nearly a dozen books, documentaries, research studies and podcasts. I jumped at each of these amazing opportunities.

One day, I looked down at my schedule and realized that my next few months are booked solid with talks, meetings and appearances related to brand safety and adtech reform.

The reality is, I had become a leader in the brand safety movement without even realizing it. All the signs were pointing in one direction — and now I’ve decided to make it official.

New job: Brand Safety Advocate

The 2020 elections are around the corner. Massive misinformation and disinformation efforts are underway too — and nobody’s prepared.

Brand safety technology didn’t keep your brands safe during the last round of elections and it won’t help you this time either.

The truth is, not much has changed since November 2016, when Sleeping Giants first began alerting advertisers that they were on Breitbart. Likewise, brands have not yet come to terms with the devastating scope of negligence taking place under their noses.

Let’s talk.

My goal in 2020 is to help marketers & advertisers stay away from misinformation & hate — through speaking, publishing and workshops. Learn more about my speaking work on my new website and get in touch!

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