Jason Lee headshot

Jason Lee

Greater Richmond Partnership

Jason is the Marketing Manager for the Greater Richmond Partnership. He aides
in managing brand communications and producing marketing collateral. Jason
first joined the Partnership as an intern before relocating to further his education.
While interning with GRP in 2019, Jason earned a bachelor’s degree in integrated
marketing communication and a minor in Italian Studies from Virginia
Commonwealth University (VCU). Jason began his marketing career in higher
education with VCU’s Campus Recreation department and continued in the field
after graduating from VCU and relocating to Philadelphia, where he commuted to
Rowan University.

As the Marketing Graduate Coordinator with Rowan University Campus
Recreation, Jason strategized and implemented promotional campaigns,
successfully boosting brand awareness and engagement among university
students, faculty and staff. Jason attained a master’s degree in Strategic
Communication at Rowan University before moving back to Greater Richmond
and rejoining the Partnership.

Jason is an active runner and fell in love with Richmond while running through the
city’s different pockets. When he’s not on the move, Jason can be found drinking
cups (plural) of coffee and enjoying his favorite musician Lady Gaga.
Jason and his partner currently reside in downtown Richmond.

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