YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing platforms available today to grow or brand your business. In this keynote, Roberto breaks down the tactics, tools and techniques necessary to be successful within the YouTube platform and how to translate that success offline.

Roberto is a YouTube Certified Expert in the categories of Content Strategy, Content Ownership and Audience Growth. Since July of 2013 he has produced weekly content on YouTube as a solo creator. By building tactical evergreen content, he grew an audience of over 275,000 subscribers, with a diverse audience across the creative community. With a focus on Video SEO, Practical Video Production, Audience Growth and Engagement, he approaches YouTube as business owner and educator. This presentation will help creators and brands use YouTube as a platform for achieving their goals and gain the attention of their ideal audience.

About Roberto Blake:

Roberto Blake is the CEO and Creative Director of Create Awesome Media, LLC., where he develops and produces digital content and online media properties. Currently he is the host of a popular Creative Education Channel on YouTube, “Always Be Creating”. Roberto also host and co-produces the “Create Something Awesome Today Podcast”, in partnership with Liebsmedia.

As a practitioner in video marketing, Roberto has a background in advertising, marketing and brand development based in a long career in the creative services industry. Leveraging skills in Graphic Design, Photography and Video Editing, Roberto uses his versatility as and advantage in social media platforms and content that rely on these advanced skills.

As a Public Speaker he covers a variety of topics that fall within his wheel house such as: video marketing, personal branding, entrepreneurship, career development, and social media. He has attended various events as a speaker including PePCon, AdobeMax, Vloggerfair, and HOW Desigm LIVE.

“I believe strongly in not just going off of theory or best practices. Too often clients are asked to commit to someone who has not produced the results they are selling them on. My own body of work and personal brand demonstrates my ability to execute and be consistent while being flexible.”

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