Product-focused to Consumer-centric Exercise

Making the shift to consumer-centric communicating isn’t easy, but it is enlightening. It gives the audience the opportunity to go through the process of discovery around how their product or service can impact their customers on a personal basis. This process works for B2B, retail, services, products…really, anyone who wants to find a different, and possibly more effective, way to communicate with consumers.

Businesses have been using product-focused messages (rather than consumer-centric communication) since, well, forever. So it’s no surprise that it is the fallback/default way of selling – but the method we’ve developed to open the eyes of marketers to the possibilities that come with consumer-centricity is pretty basic. Which makes it readily available to just about any team willing to go through the process.

There are three categories in the process. The first two, features and benefits, are familiar to all marketers (and consumers). Businesses who have progressed to exploring how their product benefits their consumers, rather than simply selling product features, have a leg up on the competition. The more elusive third category, “meaning,” is the one we take participants to in the exercise.

About David Robatin

david robatin The Associate Creative Director at Gain is responsible for the bottom line creative product … and I take a personal interest and pride in delivering the best possible creative to our clients every day.

From developing the thinking that goes into program strategy, to where we put that thought to work in concept development and messaging strategy, my diverse background and experience allow me to draw on many different perspectives.

I have had the pleasure of working on the agency side and the client side — as the client contact and managing a creative team, as well as researching and reaching audiences in a wide variety of industries. Wearing many different hats has provided me the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers I have encountered in my professional life, and I try to bring all of those points of view to every program I help develop.

Ultimately, response determines success and I am always looking for new and innovative ways to blend the science of direct marketing with the art of design and copy, to create campaigns that help our clients achieve their strategic goals.

Gain is a direct, digital and data-based marketing communications agency that brings the people-perspective back into acquisition and lifecycle marketing.

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