Special Interest Groups—also known as “SIGs”—are small discussion groups for AMA members to come together to focus on specific topics, share ideas and insights, strategies for marketing and strengthen relationships.

Each SIG group has a member facilitator who provides the venue and guides the discussion. SIGs focus on a specific marketing discipline, and topics are selected before every meeting—to help members determine whether they will invest their time to attend.

Each SIG group meets every other month for an hour, unless otherwise noted. For convenience, AMA Richmond includes a complimentary meal for members who register by the deadline.



Members benefit from the small, informal SIG forum. It’s truly an open and interactive discussion, not a talking head. Members value the opportunity to more deeply discuss a topic, exploring questions, solutions, tips, resources, best practices and lessons learned. And they appreciate the chance to connect with and learn from peers who bring a variety of perspectives and backgrounds to the table, and yet share common goals and experiences.


Members must register in advance for each SIG using the registration link provided on our website, emails, or social media accounts. Because space is limited, the earlier you register the better. SIGs are exclusively for AMA Richmond members only and are free to attend, unless otherwise noted. Members are encouraged to attend any SIG group of interest, and are welcome to attend more than one! It’s important to note members are not obligated to attend every meeting of a SIG group—just register for those you can.


Content Marketing

The Content Marketing SIG is a discussion group for marketers to network with one another and discuss current best practices in content marketing. Topics span all aspects of content marketing including content strategy, content creation, campaign development, publishing, promotion, lead generation, tools and analytics. Other topics closely linked to content marketing, such as B2B marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, social media marketing and PR, are also part of the conversation. Discussions are topic-focused and led by a facilitator. Come prepared to share your experiences, insights and ideas at this informal, yet educational peer-based group.

  • Host: Tim Asimos, Director of Digital Innovation at circle S studio
  • Location: circle S studio, Corrugated Box Building, 201 West 7th St., Suite 100, Richmond, VA 23224.
  • The event is now held on the first floor. When you enter the building, circle S is the first set of double doors on the righthand side. There is free on-street parking on the streets in front of and next to the building.

Social Media

The definition of social media, according to Merriam-Webster, is, “forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos).” Brands that have proven success marketing on social media are creating their own loyal communities by being human, relatable and engaging with customers in ways that make sense for each platform.

In the Social Media SIG, we’ll break down what it means to be “human” on social and explore practical ways to achieve similar results for our own businesses. From content and copywriting tips, to audience research and targeting, to critical differences in platforms, we’ll share and learn from each other. Happy customers’ word-of-mouth is one of the most effective (and least expensive) ways to drive revenue. Let’s figure out how to harness that power!

Hint: Live social sharing will be involved. Get ready to have fun, as social media should be!

  • Host: The Hodges Partnership
  • Location: The Hodges Partnership, 1805 E Broad St., Richmond, VA 23223
  • The entrance is located in the parking lot at the back of the building, under the giant “H”. Please note that parking is reserved for building residents only. There is free street parking near the office as well as several paid parking lots

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare is undergoing an unprecedented amount of change including consumerism, quality payment plans, high deductible health plans, and telehealth, as examples. Marketers in this field must adapt and change to meet the needs of their stakeholders, from patients to B2B. Keeping up with regulations, reducing risk, and understanding customer needs, must be balanced with creativity and taking risks. Join the AMA Healthcare Marketing SIG to learn and grow together during this turbulent time.

  • Host: Tracy Crowley, Product Manager, McKesson Business Analytics
  • Location: McKesson Corporation, 9954 Mayland Dr, Richmond, VA 23233


This forum would include all things branding, from overall brand journey to the latest awareness and development strategies. Topics would include the steps to building a brand identity, meaningful social engagement, evolving from pipeline marketing to brand platform thinking, and launching a successful brand campaign.

  • Host: Lauren Sweeney, Founder, Dotted Line
  • Location: Dotted Line, 8000 Franklin Farms Drive, Richmond, VA 23229


For questions about SIG registration, please contact us at info@amarichmond.org or fill out our contact form.