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Teach Me How to Moderate (without leading the witness)

Stacy Elsbury

Good Run Research


April 26, 8:30 - 10:30am

The Rec Room

4116 W. Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23230

$15 Members / $20 Non-Members

Limited Attendance: 40

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“Teach me how” to get to real, honest insights without leading the witness in your research efforts. Join for a crash course on moderating to gain actionable insights to improve marketing and content including customer interviews, internal stakeholder interviews, focus groups, etc. Learn how to ask questions without leading, and navigate a discussion with intent while maintaining natural flow.

About Stacy Elsbury

stacy elsbury - good run researchWhere She’s Been: In a psychiatric hospital, several agencies, and a global research firm, on both sides of the glass, and both sides of the law.

Her Superpower: Connecting. Stacy’s a firm believer that when you start with the right ingredients, magic happens with very little work, but very big fun. Her vision for Good Run sprung from that belief, and an overwhelming urge to connect the dots of the research puzzle to build a better model. When she added the rest of the team to the GRRR pot, the recipe spoke for itself.

Her Idea of a Good Run: Facilitating ideation. She’s an expert in youth and women’s research, known for navigating the tricky line between creative and business objectives during communications research, and a bit of a madwoman when it comes to innovation. But what really lights Stacy’s research fire is a room full of folks (who may or may not know how creative they are), a blank slate, and a challenge.

Off the Clock: You’ll find Stacy on the clock. But on the clock, she’s been known to eat her body weight in sushi and wash it down with a martini, dirty. Occasionally she’ll run it off, but more often she’ll think about running it off, and opt for another martini instead.

About Good Run Research

We help new brands build presence and established brands maintain relevance. We are Good Run Research & Recreation, and we’re about to rock your research world. We deliver creative, custom, qualitative solutions. Getting to know the people inside your consumers is our passion, and we’re seriously GOOD at translating what they say, do, think, and feel into actionable insight.

Whether you’re trying to gauge receptivity to a new product idea or brand message or you’re looking to tackle a business challenge, we’re GOOD at digging deep to understand what your consumers want, need and will respond to. We help new brands carve out a meaningful marketplace foothold and established brands identify new ways and targets to retain relevance.

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