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June Signature Speaker Series – Video Content Strategy For Marketing Professionals

Tod Plotkin

Principal, Green Buzz Agency


June 22, 11:30am - 1:00pm

University of Richmond, Jepson Alumni Center

101 College Road
Richmond, VA 23229

$25 for Members; $40 for Non-Members; $20 for Students

***Pricing reflects Early Bird Discount of $5 *Payment is required in advance by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express through Paypal or Check sent as soon as registration is completed. Seats not paid for in advance are not guaranteed.

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Video Content Strategy For Marketing Professionals

In this presentation, Tod covers the many approaches to a creating a video, from conceptualizing your idea to distributing your final video on social media. You’ll learn how to discuss your project with video professionals, create your own internal video shop, and some up and coming visual techniques that could make you stand out from your competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • The many stages of a project’s life cycle and how video professionals create a vision from your message
  • To ask the right questions and provide the right tools to video professionals so you can save time and money on your project while getting the best possible produce
  • How technological advances are making corporate video solutions more aesthetically competitive with visual storytelling more associated in TV and Film
  • The trends in video production storytelling techniques
  • Where Online Video Content Creation is headed in the coming years
  • Facebook Live, Youtube and Instagram Strategy

About Tod Plotkin

tod plotkinFor four years, Tod Plotkin led one of the top video departments (Washington Wizards) in the entire National Basketball Association.

In 2009, he started Green Buzz Agency where he oversees video content creation for iconic advertising campaigns (Ad Council, Love Has No Labels) and the most viewed/shared branded videos of the year (16 million+ views). His agency’s clients include Lockheed Martin, Hilton Worldwide, Under Armour, Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Red Cross, Johns Hopkins University, Quaker Oats, Upworthy, Ad Council, Cricket Wireless and many other great organizations.

Tod is an Emmy winner for best short format content and Webby Honoree in the sports online video category.

About GreenBuzz Agency

Green Buzz Agency works with brands, agencies and nonprofits to produce commercials, public relations videos, documentary films and online branded content. Our award-winning videos help our corporate partners connect with their audience, engaging and inspiring them to act. Our creative vision is rooted in our collective experience working in television and film.

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